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Preair Basement Dehumidifier With Hose

According to the investigation of the international authoritative organization specializing in air quality, the relative humidity of the air in the general residential environment should be 65%, not less than 50% in cold and dry weather in winter, and not more than 75% in rainy season in summer, which is the most suitable condition for the growth of all kinds of organisms. When the relative humidity is too high, the amount of pineal hormone secreted by the human body increases, while the concentration of thyroid hormone and adrenaline in the human body decreases relatively, and people will feel listless and depressed. In addition, people who work and live in places with high humidity for a long time are also prone to rheumatism and rheumatoid diseases.
Modern medicine has also confirmed that when the air is too dry or wet, it is conducive to the propagation and transmission of some bacteria and germs. The experiment shows that when the air humidity is higher than 65% or lower than 38%, the bacteria grow fastest. When the relative humidity is 45% - 55%, the disappearance rate of bacteria is higher.

Preair Basement Dehumidifier With Hose is easy to install and control. There are also many other good features of basement dehumidifiers. As a dehumidifier supplier, Preair can offer you a favoured dehumidifier price. There is the good quality industrial size dehumidifierhousehold dehumidifier and commercial dehumidifier for sale. We are looking for reliable distributor in North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Welcome to consult!

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