Commercial Dehumidifiers for Australia

Australia experiences high humidity levels, particularly in coastal regions and during the summer months. These elevated humidity levels can lead to discomfort, mold growth, and damage to buildings and belongings. Dehumidifiers designed for Australian conditions are equipped to handle and effectively reduce these high humidity levels.

Preair provides smart dehumidifiers for the Australian market. Australia has specific safety standards and regulations for electrical appliances. Developing dehumidifiers specifically for the Australian market ensures that these units meet the necessary safety standards, including electrical safety, fire safety, and compliance with Australian regulatory requirements.

What's New in Preair

  • ALGR Dehumidifiers VS. PR Dehumidifiers

    ALGR Dehumidifiers VS. PR Dehumidifiers

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    PR Dehumidifiers VS. LGR Dehumidifiers

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    ALGR Dehumidifiers VS. LGR Dehumidifiers

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