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Generally, the logistics company's warehouse center area is relatively large, and the warehouse transfers hundreds of thousands of tons of various goods daily. If the goods get damp when they are put in the warehouse, it is easy to appear mildew, deterioration, oxidation, and corrosion. Sometimes, the packing box is deformed and damaged due to moisture. After the above situation occurs, the logistics company has to bear great responsibility. In modern industrial production and storage, the environment such as workshops and warehouses needs to have a specific range of relative humidity. To reach the appropriate degree of relative humidity, it is necessary to adopt scientific and reasonable methods for strict control.

Dehumidifiers for the Warehousing and Logistics Industry


Refrigeration Facilities: PRO230 High Efficient Dehumidifier


Cold Store is a kind of refrigeration equipment. It refers to the use of artificial means to create an environment different from the outdoor temperature or humidity. It is also a constant temperature and humidity storage equipment for food, liquid, chemical, medicine, vaccines, scientific experiments, and other items. If the cold storage equipment is damp, it will cause the following consequences:

1. Electric shock accident.

The electrical equipment of the cold storage equipment shall be protected from moisture to avoid electric shock caused by electric leakage.


2. Increase loss.

Close the door when entering and leaving the cold storage to avoid cold leakage, condensation, frost, and ice. The frosted and frozen parts shall be cleaned in time to prevent the fins at the water inlet and outlet from clogging, which will cause the wind force to be unable to circulate and cause loss.

3. The service life of cold storage is affected.

The articles in the warehouse shall not contain too much water, and water shall be prevented from seeping into the bottom of the warehouse to avoid affecting the service life of the cold storage.

4. The temperature in the cold storage does not drop.

Due to excessive air humidity, long defrosting interval, and abnormal temperature setting of the warehouse, the frost layer on the evaporator in the warehouse will thicken and the temperature of the warehouse will not drop. At this time, defrosting should be carried out. Observe in time and stop defrosting immediately after the frost layer disappears.

 5. Health hazard.

The cold storage is not well ventilated, and the temperature and humidity are too high, resulting in a large number of mold propagation, producing mold odor. The Preair PRO230 dehumidifier can accurately control the range of relative humidity to protect the refrigeration equipment from humidity.

Distribution Center: PRO330 Industrial Dehumidifier

The warehouse of the distribution center covers a large area and is on the cement floor. Moisture from the ground and moist air in the air often leads to high relative humidity in the warehouse. Paper or wood packaging boxes stacked in the warehouse will be damaged and deformed after being affected by moisture. This is a serious loss for buyers, sellers, and logistics parties. How to effectively control the humidity in the distribution center? Use a dehumidifier. We have provided dehumidification solutions for many warehouse companies and successfully solved the problem of humidity. PRO330 warehouse dehumidifier is a highly efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly dehumidifier product manufactured with the strict use of professional technology and exquisite technology. It has an intelligent humidity constant control system. Users can automatically control the dehumidifier according to production needs to achieve the most effective dehumidification effect and reduce the operating cost of the whole machine. This series of dehumidifiers can be ceiling mounted and remotely controlled, which is very suitable for installation in warehouses.

Refrigeration Cross Docking Warehouse: PRO230 and LGR165L Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier

When a supplier's goods are delivered to multiple destinations after warehousing, and there are multiple suppliers supplying goods, the operation mode of cross docking is to unload the goods delivered by the supplier from the unloading platform, distribute them effectively and timely according to the different destinations, and directly transport them to the loading platform, load the vehicles to different destinations, and reduce the storage time of the goods in the warehouse. In this mode, goods will not exist in the form of inventory. In a warehouse with a large flow, the better the implementation of the cross-platform strategy, the shorter the processing time of goods and the fewer bottlenecks will occur. At present, the operation mode of cross docking has been widely and successfully applied in many industries. Refrigeration cross docking warehouse, as the distribution center of cold chain food, needs complete equipment and information flow services. Preair's PRO series and LGR series dehumidifiers can help control the humidity of the warehouse and ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment.

Industrial Space: PRO300 Dehumidifier for Tent


The problem of humidity and moisture in industrial space cannot be ignored. Broken windows, door seams, and openings where hot air may enter are the biggest causes of humidity and humidity problems in industrial spaces. At night, when the surface materials (floor, ceiling, and machinery) reach the dew point after being cooled by warm air, the relative humidity will generally become higher, resulting in moisture accumulation. It may cause the concrete floor to rust, rot, and sweat, thus causing major safety compliance issues and financial responsibilities to the company and its employees. Preair industrial dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity problem when you are in industrial production. When humidity becomes a problem, industrial dehumidifiers can provide supplementary air flow in factories and warehouses to keep the relative humidity within a reasonable range. Although AC and HVAC systems can eliminate moisture in the surrounding air, their dehumidification efficiency is far from that of professional dehumidifiers. When the Preair PRO300 dehumidifier is combined with the HVAC system, it can effectively remove more moisture, so that you can adjust the humidity of the thermostat.

Military Warehouse: PRO500 Dehumidifier for Warehouse


At present, military warehouses are mainly ground warehouses. With the advent of summer, high temperatures and high humidity are very detrimental to the storage environment of military materials. The temperature and humidity of military warehouses should be well controlled to ensure safety. 1. Metal products. The effect of humidity on them is mainly to promote their corrosion. The higher the humidity in the warehouse, the more serious the electrochemical rust of metal products, affecting the use effect.2. Gunpowder. When the humidity is too high, the moisture content of the powder will increase, which will lead to difficult ignition, reduced burning rate, and incomplete combustion in the bore, which is easy to cause late firing or near firing. At the same time, it will accelerate the hydrolysis and deterioration, and greatly shorten the storage life. 3. Other products. Wood, paper, cloth, plastic parts, protective coatings, and sealing oil, etc. will also deteriorate under the influence of humidity, affecting the use and long-term storage. The Preair PRO500 dehumidifier is applicable to military material warehouses and other warehouses. It has a variety of installation methods. It can be selected according to different places of use to avoid heavy losses caused by indoor humidity and mildew.


Preair Dehumidifiers for the Warehousing and Logistics Industry


Preair's PRO series and LGR series dehumidifiers are energy-efficient machines, which are very suitable for use in warehouses. Warehouse management is not easy. If the goods are damaged due to improper storage due to humidity, the logistics company will face the problem of compensation, and the owner of the goods will also face economic losses. The use of professional dehumidifiers and dehumidification systems can ensure the normal operation of refrigeration equipment and reduce the impact of moisture on goods. The practitioners of the logistics industry are welcome to consult. Preair will provide professional dehumidification solutions.

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