Stackable LGR Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration
Industrial Dehumidifier for Greenhouse
Whole Home Dehumidifier with Fresh Air Intake

Preair specializes in manufacturing high-level commercial and industrial dehumidifiers to help solve the humidity problem in the world. Preair has been working on indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement equipment for over two decades. LGR series, ALGR series, ZETA series, PRO series, PR series, Whole House series dehumidifiers, and other high efficient dehumidifiers are launched gradually through the efforts of all staff of Preair. 

Preair offers special dehumidifiers for basement dehumidification, water damage restoration and construction, mold removal, and so on. Dehumidifiers are also indispensable in greenhouses, sports stadiums, factories, hospitals and healthcare facilities, etc. As a reliable dehumidifier company, Preair is determined to make the dehumidifier a good partner in your living and working environment.

  • Preair Water Damage Dehumidifier

About Preair

Professional dehumidifier manufacturer

Zhejiang Preair Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the best dehumidifier manufacturers that can provide different types of dehumidifiers.

The main factory of Preair locates in Hangzhou and covers an area of 53,000 square meters. The factory has several production workshops (sheet metal, spray-coating, roto molding, etc.), office buildings, a CNAS Lab testing facility, environmental protection facilities, staff dormitories, and canteens. Preair production workshops include three fully automatic production lines, a semi-automatic production line, laser numerical control sheet metal production equipment, rotational molding production equipment, etc. Due to complete equipment and sufficient workers, our dehumidifier factory has an annual production capacity of 1.2 million dehumidifiers.

As a dehumidifier OEM/ODM factory, Preair undertakes the demand for dehumidification worldwide and provides affordable dehumidifiers sized and tailored to customers’ specifications.


Dehumidifiers may be used in wide range of applications. Preair commercial dehumidifiers can be applied in wine cellars, basements, underground garages, warehouses, shopping malls, meeting rooms, etc. Preair industrial dehumidifiers can be seen in clothes factories, food factories, tobacco factories, optical factories, tanneries, pottery factories, construction sites, and so on. Preair home dehumidifiers can make a comfortable and healthy environment for people by absorbing excess moisture and preventing mold.


Preair has always been committed to technological innovation, focusing on humidity management, and aims to provide customers with sophisticated, high-quality, energy-saving, and efficient humidity remover products.

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