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Factory of PREAIR


Preair Dehumidifier Factory


Warehouse of Preair Dehumidifier Factory

Preair Dehumidifier Manufacturing Workshop

Workshop of Preair Dehumidifier Factory


Preair company researches and understands the specific needs of the target market. Different regions of the world have varying humidity levels, so Preair developed various series of dehumidifiers to meet those requirements.

Preair invests in high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and effectiveness of dehumidifiers. We also conduct thorough quality control checks at various stages of production.

Preair stays updated with the latest technologies in dehumidification. Innovate dehumidifying products to include features like energy efficiency, smart controls, and improved performance.

Preair designs dehumidifiers that are energy-efficient to attract environmentally conscious consumers and meet energy regulations. Preair ensures that dehumidifiers comply with industry standards and regulations.


Production Line of PREAIR

Preair Assembly Line

Semi-finished products

Preair's Production Line

Large dehumidifier production line


LGR dehumidifier production line

Quality Inspection Equipment of PREAIR

Preair Laboratory

Preair laboratory

Dehumidifier Laboratory

Dehumidifier laboratory

Preair Dehumidifier Laboratory

Preair dehumidifier laboratory

Preair offers excellent customer support and provides warranties for dehumidifiers. Preair establishes a reliable and extensive distribution network to make products accessible to a wide audience. We are looking for more and more reputable distributors and retailers.

Preair invests in effective marketing strategies to create brand awareness. We address environmental concerns by adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials.

Preair allocates resources to research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, which can lead to breakthroughs that give products a competitive edge.

Preair's staff is well-trained in both the technical aspects of dehumidifier manufacturing and customer service. Continuous education helps Preair in adapting to industry changes.

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