Constant Temperature Dehumidifier Related Problems

How to choose the right constant temperature and humidity dehumidifier?

1. Choose from the length of time required to control humidity and temperature, consider according to the daily needs of controlling humidity and temperature, and choose a relatively large machine if the time required to control humidity and temperature is short.
2. Use the area of ​​the site and the area of ​​the area that requires control of humidity and temperature.
3. Choose a reliable dehumidifier according to the particularity of humidity and temperature in the area of ​​use.
4. Choose from the humidity and temperature requirements of the area to be controlled.

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Constant temperature and humidity dehumidifier use and maintenance

1. The constant temperature and humidity dehumidifier must have a separate power supply and have the function of leakage circuit breaker.
2. During the high temperature and high humidity test, when opening the door to take the product, be sure to avoid heat waves to prevent burns.
3. When operating the touch screen controller, do not hit it with hard objects such as screwdrivers and metal bars, so as not to damage the controller.
4. During cooling, it is normal for the heat around the door frame to be heated.
5. In the process of use, do not start and stop frequently, so as not to shorten the life of the compressor.
6. During maintenance of the compact commercial dehumidifier, the water tank and water pipe must be cleaned, and the outer box of the machine must be wiped with diesel oil to keep it bright.
7. The heating or cooling process should be taken into account when editing the program, otherwise the test results will be inaccurate.
8. It is normal to start the compressor in the process of high temperature and high humidity for dehumidification and dehumidification.

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