Better to Know the Whole Home Dehumidifier Before Buy One

A whole-home dehumidifier is a specialized appliance designed to remove excess humidity from your house's air. It is a more comprehensive solution than portable dehumidifiers, typically used in single rooms or smaller spaces.


WH Series Dehumidifiers For Sale

Preair developed the WH series dehumidifiers to improve the humid indoor environment. There are three models of the series, the WH70, WH95, and WH135. According to the size and humidity level of the need-dehumidified place, customers can choose a proper good cheap dehumidifier for their house. High humidity will cause a bad living environment that hurts people's respiratory system and skin systems. The WH135 whole house dehumidifier is composed of a high-quality compressor and evaporator, a MERV 8 filter, and a drainage hose. The following information is about the WH135 dehumidifier, which help you better understand the machine. 

Dehumidifier Type: Whole-home Dehumidifier 

Portable dehumidifiers operate within the dehumidified space without the attachment of additional ducting. Whole-home dehumidifiers are installed with ducting to deliver return process air to the inlet and to supply dehumidified process air from the outlet to one or more locations in the dehumidified space. Some dehumidifiers can operate in both configurations by means of a ducting kit.


Dehumidifier Water Removal Capacity: 135 pints/day

A measure of a dehumidifier's ability to remove moisture from its surrounding atmosphere, measured in pints collected per 24 hours, based on DOE's Appendix X1 test method. This represents the expected performance in a basement for portable dehumidifiers and the expected performance in the average home for whole-home dehumidifiers.


Whole-home Dehumidifier Case Volume: 32.1*14.7*20.6 inch

For whole-home dehumidifiers, this is a measure of the rectangular volume that the product case occupies, exclusive of any duct attachment collars or other external components.


Dehumidifier Efficiency (Integrated Energy Factor - L/kWh): 2.82

A measure of energy efficiency of a dehumidifier that encompasses dehumidification mode and non-dehumidification mode energy consumption.

Post time: Aug-29-2023
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