WH135 Whole House Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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WH series dehumidifier is a household dehumidifier mainly developed by Preair, which has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving. This series of dehumidifiers can provide fresh air function. Through the fresh air interface, indoor air dehumidification can be achieved while introducing fresh air outside the room, thus making the indoor air fresh and dry, and comfortable. WH135 whole house crawl space dehumidifier can be installed in a concealed way (preferably by professional installation workers) to dehumidify in damp indoors, crawling spaces, and basements. WH series dehumidifier includes several models, and each model corresponds to a different dehumidification capacity. It is recommended that customers select the appropriate dehumidifier according to the size of the house area. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email.

  • NO.: WH135
  • Power Supply: 115V/60HZ
  • Refrigerant: R410/1000g
  • Filter: MERV8
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    Introduction of Preair WH135 Central Home Dehumidifier


    The WH135 central home dehumidifier can dehumidify in a large house because it has a larger dehumidification capacity than WH70 and WH95 dehumidifiers. When the temperature is between 5℃-35℃and the humidity is between 10%-90%RH, the WH135 dehumidifier works as well as you can imagine. The MERV8 filter of the WH135 dehumidifier can filter particles including atmospheric dust, household dust, coal dust, pesticide dust, etc. Preair designed and produced the whole house dehumidifiers to help improve indoor air quality and bring you a new experience.


    Data of Preair WH135 Dehumidifier for Large House

    NO. WH135
    Power Supply 115V/60HZ
    Rated Current (A) 7.5
    Rated Power (W) 860
    Dehumidification Capacity (30℃/80%RH) 224pt
    Dehumidification Capacity (26.7℃/60%RH) 135pt
    Dehumidification Capacity (32℃/90%RH) 290pt
    Working Temperature Range 5℃-35℃
    Working Humidity Range 10%-90%RH
    Product Dimensions 32.1*14.7*20.6in
    Packaging Dimensions 35.6*19.1*25.4in
    Refrigerant/ Refrigerant Charge R410/1000g
    Filter Material MERV8
    Drainage Way 3/4NPT direct drainage
    Machine Casing Material Metal plate
    Loading Quantity (20'/40'/40'HQ) 90/244/183

    Applications of Preair WH135 Dehumidifier for Large Area


    The WH135 dehumidifier is suitable for the whole house. If your bedroom, study, basement, bathroom and storage room are not well-ventilated where the extra moisture is accumulated, Preair suggests you install a whole-room dehumidifier.

    Application of Preair Wh135 Crawlspace Dehumidifier
    Preair Wh135 Dehumidifier for Large House

    Advantages of Preair WH135 Dehumidifier for Basement Crawl Space

    The WH135 dehumidifier for the basement and crawl space is powerful and efficient. Through tightly designed, the WH series dehumidifier has various control methods and good dehumidification performance.

    Various control methods

    First, on-board control. Connected through four conductors, terminal type XH-4Y, using UART serial communication mode. The controller is equipped with an LED screen, which displays the ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed gear, clock, equipment running time, system running state (dehumidification, defrosting, drainage), fault code, etc.

    Second, external control. Connect through 6P6C telephone line, terminal model RJ12, Mod-bus serial communication mode. The controller is equipped with an LED screen, which displays the relevant information.

    Third, mod-bus control. Connect through 6P6C telephone line, terminal model RJ12, Mod-bus serial communication mode. By issuing the control/query command from the upper computer, you can switch on and off the machine, set the humidity value and wind speed gear, enable/disable the continuous dehumidification mode, query the current temperature and humidity, and display the fault code.

    Fourth, compatible with the third-party control. Connect a third-party controller through a six-bit wiring block (FLOAT--FLOAT--DHUM--R--FAN--C) for dehumidification, ventilation, and full water protection. (Note: the output voltage between R-C and R-C is 12VDC, compatible with Honeywell controllers)

    Save space

    The WH series dehumidifier is relatively small in size and suitable for concealed installation, which is easy to connect to an air duct and a drainage pipe. Installing the dehumidifier on the ceiling or wall can reduce the sense of the existence of the dehumidifier and save indoor space.

    Dry wet clothes

    When you hang wet clothes indoors to dry, the moisture from the clothes evaporates into the air, increasing the humidity levels in the room. The WH135 dehumidifier can help remove this excess moisture from the air, which can speed up the drying process.

    Protect floors, walls, and other belongs

    Mold and mildew can grow on walls, floors, and other surfaces in a damp environment. By removing excess moisture with a WH135 home dehumidifier, you can help prevent mold and mildew growth and protect your home from damage.

    Reduce musty odors

    Musty odors can be a sign of excess moisture in your home, and can be difficult to eliminate. By using a WH135 dehumidifier for home to remove excess moisture, you can help reduce musty odors and create a more pleasant living environment.

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