Dehumidifier Care And Maintenance

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for health are getting higher and higher, and dehumidifiers have also entered more families. Dehumidifiers are seasonal products, and careful daily maintenance is even more important. Proper maintenance can maximize the effectiveness of the dehumidifier, reduce the incidence of failures and prolong its service life. Here are a few tips for using, maintaining, and maintaining your dehumidifier properly.

1. Humidity setting

The humidity setting is not a fixed parameter, it needs to be set according to the customer's requirements, area, season and humidity source in the space. Usually in the state of less activity such as rest and sleep, the relative humidity of the room is about 60%RH, and the human body will feel more comfortable. If the humidity setting is too low, in addition to making people feel dry, due to the large difference in indoor and outdoor humidity, the moisture diffuses quickly, resulting in frequent startup and shutdown of the compressor, shortening the service life of the dehumidifier and consuming more. energy.


2. Transporting vacant

After the dehumidifier is moved, it needs to be placed in a static state for four to six hours before it is turned on for use. Because the compressor pipeline in the dehumidifier contains refrigerant, after moving, the refrigerant must return to its original position after four to six hours.


3. Regular cleaning

a. Air filter

Clean the air filter regularly (about once every two weeks) to maintain the dehumidification and dust removal efficiency and life of the machine. It can effectively improve the dust removal effect of the dehumidifier and improve the ambient air quality. Regular cleaning of the heat sink of the outdoor unit can effectively improve its heat exchange coefficient and heat exchange efficiency, and improve the working efficiency of the dehumidifier. To clean the air filter, wash it with clean water below 40°C. It is better to clean it with detergent. After washing off the dust, rinse it with water, dry it in the shade and put it back into the body. When cleaning the body, gently wipe it with a damp cloth, avoid direct splashing water to clean up, so as not to damage the electrical insulation. There are sticky objects on the surface of the body, which can be washed with soapy water. Avoid spraying with gasoline, petroleum spirit, solvent or spray insecticide to avoid peeling paint or discoloration. Do not use thin rods or iron wires to dig the inside of the machine to avoid malfunction or danger. Please unplug the power cord to maintain the life of the machine when there is a power outage or when it is not used for a long time or when traveling.

165 pint dehumidifier

b. Condenser

The condenser should be cleaned from time to time and kept clean. The dehumidifier should be placed in the center of the room. The air inlet and outlet of the dehumidifier should not be blocked by obstructions, and the air filter should be cleaned. When the ambient temperature is lower than 15°C, the water droplets attached to the surface of the evaporator will freeze and the effect of the dehumidifier will be weakened. If the ambient temperature exceeds 40°C, the pressure in the system will increase and the compressor will be overloaded. At this time, the overload protector The wiring should be disconnected or the compressor motor will be damaged. Therefore, the best temperature range for dehumidifiers is 5°C to 38°C. Microcomputer-controlled dehumidifiers have an automatic defrosting function, and the operating temperature range can reach 5°C to 40°C. If the humidity in the air is lower than 30%, it will be too dry and uncomfortable, so it is controlled by a reliable humidity controller to maintain the range of 50% to 60%. When using, the doors and windows should be closed as much as possible, so that the indoor dehumidification effect can be achieved. The body should be placed flat, not inclined or sideways, to avoid machine failure or abnormal noise. The water storage capacity in the dehumidifier is too full. In order to avoid overflowing and polluting the wet floor, when the machine must be transported during operation, please unplug the power cord first, and then pour out the water in the water storage bucket.


4. Regularly ask a professional to check the dehumidifier

After long-term use of the dehumidifier, the electrical circuits and control components in the unit will be aged to varying degrees, which will cause serious damage to the unit and the human body. Regularly ask professionals to check the circuit of the dehumidifier and replace the aging components. Supplementing refrigerant can prevent the aging of components from harming the machine and human body, and can keep the dehumidifier in good working condition.


5. Protection measures

When the dehumidifier is not used for a long time in winter or going out, a protective cover should be used to cover the dehumidifier to avoid the sun, rain and dust deposition, which will cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance in the future.

Post time: Sep-01-2022
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