ALGR90 Water Damage Dehumidifier For Wine Cellar 90L

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The Preair ALGR90 low grain refrigerant dehumidifier for water damage restoration is designed for Australian customers. The eastern coastal areas of Australia have more rainfall in summer, for which people’s daily lives, work, and production activities are vulnerable to moisture. Installing an efficient dehumidifier indoors can help people avoid moisture and be friendly to items that require moisture protection.

  • NO.: ALGR90
  • Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 90L/day (30℃/80%RH)
  • Refrigerant: R410A
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    Description of Preair ALGR90 Water Damage Dehumidifier


    The ALGR90 dehumidifier is a good-quality dehumidification equipment. The machine can be moved easily with its handle and wheels. The SUS304 filter can filter ordinary small objects, such as crushed stones, and wasted items. At the condition of 30 ℃/80%RH, the dehumidification capacity is 90L/day. Even at the condition of 40℃/20%RH, the dehumidification capacity of the ALGR90 dehumidifier is 12L/day.

    Sus304 Filter of Algr90 Water Damage Dehumidifier
    Handle of Algr90 Dehumidifier for Flood
    Wheel of Algr90 Dehumidifier for Water Damage

    Data of Preair ALGR90 Wine Room Dehumidifier 90L

    NO. ALGR90
    Power Supply 220-240V~50Hz
    Rated Current (A) 4.7A(26.7℃/60%RH)
    Rated Power (W) 1050
    Dehumidification Capacity (30℃/80%RH) 90L/day
    Dehumidification Capacity (26.7℃/60%RH) 60L/day
    Dehumidification Capacity (40℃/20%RH) 12L/day
    Dehumidification Capacity (32℃/90%RH) 120L/day
    Working Temperature Range 5℃-38℃
    Working Humidity Range 20%RH-90%RH
    Product Dimensions 615*425*470mm
    Packaging Dimensions 720*490*526mm
    Net Weight 38KG
    Refrigerant/ Refrigerant Charge R410A/550g
    Filter Material SUS304
    Drainage Way Water pump
    Drain Pipe Length 6M
    Machine Casing Material Rotational molding
    Loading Quantity (20'/40'/40'HQ) 140/365/292

    Applications of Preair ALGR90 Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

    The ALGR90 dehumidifier can be applied in many fields. There are many industries that need dehumidification, for example, wood, food, tobacco, paper, and optical instruments. In addition, if there are buildings suffering from floods, hurricanes, or rainstorms, Preair LGR dehumidifiers can help a lot during the process of water damage restoration. The ALGR90 dehumidifier has a good performance and works efficiently, which will be a good choice for you. Preair is looking forward to cooperating with you. Contact us if you are interested in dehumidifiers.

    Algr90 Dehumidifier After Flood Damage
    Algr90 Dehumidifier for Commercial Building
    Algr90 Dehumidifier for Construction Site

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