Humidity Range and Application of Dehumidifier

Dehumidification of warehouses

The wet season in many countries and regions is coming, the warehouse also becomes humid, and the air humidity increases, which seriously affects the storage of the warehouse. Warehousing is an important place for enterprises to store raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. It is related to the direct interests of enterprises. Dehumidification of warehouses is very important.


Dehumidifiers applied for warehouses

The warehouse area is generally large, and the dehumidification effect of the fan and the hygroscopic agent is not obvious; the ventilation has a certain dehumidification effect, but it is limited, and the outdoor humid air is also easy to enter, causing the warehouse to be humid. At present, the most effective way to solve the problem of warehouse humidity is to use an industrial dehumidifier for dehumidification.

However, when choosing a dehumidifier, you must consider the dehumidification amount. If the dehumidification amount is not enough, the humidity will not drop to the target value. If the dehumidification amount is too large, the purchase capital will be wasted, and more electricity will be consumed during use. So, to what extent does each different industry need to control humidity?

The range of relative humidity and the application of dehumidifiers

Air humidity 70%~99% RH: The humidity is too high, and dehumidification is required.

The coastal air humidity is above 70% for a long time, and the air humidity is also above 90% in the rainy season and resurgence season in inland areas. When the humidity is too high, water vapor will pose a serious threat to products, materials, and semi-finished products. Dehumidification must be carried out in the warehouse. It is recommended to use Dolexin industrial dehumidifiers for intelligent dehumidification.

Air humidity 50%~70% RH: The humidity is suitable, which can effectively prevent the products from being damp and moldy.

For products with basic moisture-proof packaging and simple storage, the humidity of the storage warehouse can be controlled within the range of 50%~70% RH. The humidity within this range can prevent the product from getting damp and moldy and is suitable for products that are susceptible to moisture such as wood, leather, books, etc., and storage requirements for raw materials.

Air humidity 30~50%: low humidity, which can effectively avoid metal oxidation.

Such as electronics, precision materials, metal materials, mechanical equipment, hardware workpieces, and other industries, since metal products and raw materials are easily oxidized and corroded when exposed to water, warehouses storing products and raw materials should use dehumidifiers to control the air humidity below 50% RH, so that The range of humidity can effectively avoid metal oxidation, which is suitable for the storage requirements of most metal products and raw materials.

Post time: Aug-25-2022
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