Dehumidifier is required in life, work and production

In society, humidity should be taken into account in all human centered activities. Generally speaking, when the relative humidity is between 55% and 65%, the human body will feel more comfortable. The comfortable humidity is related to the temperature at the time. In most cases, when the temperature is low, 18 ℃~23 ℃, the relative humidity should be slightly higher, such as 60%, which is more comfortable for people. When the temperature is high, 23 ℃~28 ℃, the relative humidity should be slightly lower, such as 50%, which makes people feel more comfortable.


The damage of unsuitable humidity

The human body has a certain adaptability to the changes in external temperature and can maintain balance by means of regulating the temperature of the body. However, the regulation of the human body has certain limits. When the ambient temperature is too high or too low, it may affect the human temperature regulation function.

When the humidity is too high, people will feel listless and dispirited. People who work and live in places with high humidity for a long time are prone to suffer from rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and other damp arthralgia symptoms. If the humidity is too low, the evaporation of water will be accelerated. Dry air is easy to take away moisture from the human body, which will crack the skin, stimulate the oral cavity and nasal mucosa, and easily induce pharyngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, and other diseases. Modern medicine also proves that when the air is too dry or wet, it is conducive to the propagation and spread of some microorganisms.

Damage of Unsuitable Humidity

Therefore, with the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of moisture-proof and dehumidification awareness, home dehumidifiers have rapidly entered the majority of ordinary families and offices, creating a more comfortable living and working environment for people.


Applications of commercial dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are not only used more and more widely in people's lives but are also widely needed in commercial environments and industrial fields. Humidity control problems are inextricably linked with all aspects of production and life.

Application of Preair Commercial Dehumidifier

For factories or enterprises, how to do a good job in the control of indoor environment humidity such as workshops and warehouses is a crucial task. If the humidity of the workshop production environment is too high, it will not only hinder normal production, cause a great impact on the quality of products, but also cause a great potential safety hazard. Preair LGR series of dehumidifiers can be applied in many commercial scenarios. for example, the LGR105 dehumidifier for water damage can be used in cellars, basements, underground garages, etc.

 Application of Preair LGR105 Dehumidifier


Applications of industrial dehumidifiers

No matter what kind of factory or enterprise, there are many intermediate processes from raw materials to finished products, and the warehouse storage cycle is long. Raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are also stored for a long time in workshops, warehouses, and other environments. If the air in the workshops and warehouses is seriously humid, it will not only cause many raw materials to become damp, moldy, or oxidized and rusted, affecting their normal use and processing, but also affect the quality of semi-finished products and finished products, making good products become inferior or defective products, or even scrap products, which will undoubtedly cause considerable economic losses to factories or enterprises.

Especially in food, medicine, metal equipment, handicrafts, leather, textile, optical equipment, medical equipment, and other industries, mildew deterioration and metal oxidation corrosion caused by moisture can be seen everywhere, and the resulting losses can not be ignored. For example, in the food industry, from raw materials, and processing equipment to production processes, if the food is in a humid environment for a long time, it is easily be contaminated by mold, causing the total number of food bacterial colonies to exceed the standard, affecting the quality and safety of products.

Therefore, the industrial dehumidifier has obvious advantages in regulating workshop humidity and ensuring food production safety. Industrial dehumidifiers can reduce the absorption of food to workshop air humidity by controlling the humidity of the environment, and effectively avoid problems such as mildew, caking, adhesion, and freezing during food processing. The industrial dehumidifier will also reduce the blocking of food processing equipment due to the agglomeration and adhesion of food due to moisture to a certain extent, ensure the normal operation of the production line, ensure the stability of quality, energy-saving and improve production capacity.

In today's society, dehumidifiers are widely used in production workshops, books, cultural and educational places, cigarette workshops and warehouses, freezers, electrical equipment, archives, leather factories, grain and oil plants, printing plants, audio-visual products plants, communication equipment, material warehouses, tobacco products plants, drug stores, underground projects, etc.

 Application of Preair ZETA480 Dehumidifier in Pharmaceutical Factory


Preair dehumidifiers for sale

Preair is a famous dehumidifier factory that can provide different types of commercial and industrial dehumidifiers. High-efficiency and energy-saving dehumidifiers are sold at a reasonable price.

If your business is in need of dehumidifiers to solve the humidity problem, contact Preair as soon as possible. We can provide professional dehumidification solutions for you. 

Post time: Dec-20-2022
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