How Quickly Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Factors That Influence the Speed of a Dehumidifier

The speed at which a dehumidifier works depends on several factors, including the size of the dehumidifier, the level of humidity in the environment, the temperature, and the relative humidity (RH) you want to achieve.


Size and Capacity: Larger dehumidifiers with higher capacities can remove moisture from the air more quickly than smaller units. The capacity of a dehumidifier is usually measured in pints of water removed per day.


Humidity Level: If the humidity level in the environment is very high, the dehumidifier may initially work faster to bring the humidity down to a more acceptable level. However, as the RH decreases, the dehumidifier may operate more gradually.


Temperature: Dehumidifiers typically work more efficiently in warmer environments. Warmer air can hold more moisture, so the dehumidifier can extract more water from the air at higher temperatures.


Room Size: The size of the room or area you're trying to dehumidify also plays a role. A powerful dehumidifier may work faster in a smaller room compared to a larger space.


Settings and Conditions: The settings you choose on the dehumidifier, such as the desired RH level, fan speed, and continuous operation, can affect how quickly it works. Additionally, factors like airflow and ventilation in the room can influence the dehumidifier's performance.


How Quickly Does an LGR155 Dehumidifier Work in a 3000ft2 Room?

After serious flood damage, the restoration of damaged commercial buildings, furniture, and other objects is a difficult and heavy task. According to the specific circumstance, restoration workers can use six 211 PPD (@30℃/80% RH) LGR dehumidifiers to reduce the relative humidity from 80% to 40% in a 3000ft2 (9 feet high) room. How long will the relative humidity be reduced to 40%RH?


Initial Moisture= 80%*27000ft³ = 21600ft³

Target Moisture= 40%*27000ft³ = 10800ft³

Moisture to Remove= Initial Moisture − Target Moisture= 21600ft³ - 10800ft³ = 10800ft³

*1 cubic foot = 59.8442 pints

Time (hours)= (10800ft³*59.8442)/(211PPD*6) = 648000pints/1266PPD ≈ 512h


It would take approximately 512 hours (or about 21 days) for the LGR155 dehumidifier to lower the humidity from 80% to 40% in an area with a volume of 27000ft³. If you want to accelerate the speed and efficiency of the dehumidification, it is better to use restoration fans together with LGR dehumidifiers.

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In general, you may start to notice a difference in humidity levels within a few hours of running a dehumidifier, especially if the humidity was initially very high. However, achieving and maintaining your desired RH level may take longer, and it's important to allow the dehumidifier to run continuously for optimal results. Regular monitoring of humidity levels with a hygrometer can help you assess the effectiveness of the dehumidifier and make adjustments as needed.

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