How to Extend the Lifespan of the Dehumidifier?

Nowadays, more and more professional dehumidifiers are used in various industrial fields to protect production and storage, especially in workshops, warehouses, and other environments with humidity requirements.

In daily life, more and more household dehumidifiers appear. Especially during the rainy season, the dehumidifier is indispensable for home life.

Dehumidifier for Industrial Fields

The dehumidifier plays an increasingly important role in people's working and living life, making daily use and maintenance of dehumidifiers particularly important. If the dehumidifier is not used for long, protective measures should be taken to avoid unnecessary losses.

Preair, as a professional dehumidifier company, provides the following suggestions to help you extend the service life of the dehumidifier.

1. Ask professionals to check the dehumidifier regularly

After the dehumidifier is used for a long time, the circuits and components in the dehumidifier will face different degrees of aging, which may cause harm to the human body in serious cases. It is necessary to invite professionals to check the circuit of the dehumidifier regularly.

2. Take protective measures for the dehumidifier when not in use

The dehumidifier works seasonally. We may leave it idle on dry days with appropriate humidity. Or when you are on a business trip and have no need to use it at home, the dehumidifier may be left unprotected.

The correct way is to put a protective cover above the dehumidifier or pack it in a carton to avoid dust deposition, so as not to cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance in the future, and to unplug the power plug to maintain the service life of the machine.

3. After moving the dehumidifier, it needs to stay still for 4-6 hours

Because the compressor pipeline in the dehumidifier contains refrigerant, it generally takes four to six hours for the refrigerant to return to its original position after being moved. Therefore, after moving the dehumidifier, it is better to leave it staying still for four to six hours before the operation.

4. When using the dehumidifier, the doors and windows should be closed as much as possible

When using the dehumidifier, it should be placed in the center of the room. There should be no objects around its air inlet and outlet. The doors and windows should be closed as much as possible to improve the dehumidifier's dehumidification effect.

The machine body should be placed on a flat place, and should not be tilted or overturned to avoid machine failure. When it needs to be moved, please first unplug the power supply of the dehumidifier, and then pour out the water in the water tank. In addition, the dehumidifier should not be placed near the heat source to prevent damage to internal components.

5. Clean the filter screen of the dehumidifier regularly

During the operation of the dehumidifier, due to the dust absorption effect of internal static electricity, the tiny dust and bacteria in the air will pass through the filter screen and enter into the dehumidifier.

The dust, bacteria, and condensed water will jam on the evaporator after bonding, affecting the cooling and heat dissipation of the dehumidifier. At the same time, the wet evaporator surface is the breeding hotbed of various bacteria. Remember to clean the filter screen of the dehumidifier regularly.

6. Adjust the humidity value according to the normal RH range

The humidity adjustment of the dehumidifier is related to the service life of the dehumidifier. If the humidity setting is too low, due to the large difference between indoor and outdoor humidity and the rapid diffusion of moisture, the compressor will start and stop frequently, thus shortening the service life of the dehumidifier.

Therefore, when setting the temperature, it should be adjusted according to its own sense of humidity, the number of people in the room, and the size of the space, which is usually controlled at about 60% RH.

Only by using the dehumidifier correctly and doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the dehumidifier can the maximum efficiency of the dehumidifier be brought into play and the service life of the dehumidifier be longer.

Post time: Feb-20-2023
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