PA-LO-A1500 Commercial Stackable Air Mover Fan For Restoration

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The PA-LO-A1500 air mover fan is designed for the Australian market. The power input of the air mover is 220-240V/50HZ. The power of the machine is 112/156W. Generally, the PA-LO-A1500 outdoor air mover fan is used for floor drying, ventilation, water damage restoration, air circulation, etc. Preair is a reliable restoration equipment manufacturer that can provide customers with types of air movers and dehumidifiers. Welcome your bulk order.

  • No.: PA-LO-A1500
  • Power Input: 220-240V/50HZ
  • RPM: 1500 rpm
  • Air Volume: 1500 m³/h
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    Introduction of Preair PA-LO-A1500 Restoration Air Mover

    Commercial air movers, also known as industrial fans or blowers, are versatile tools with various applications across industries. Preair provides the good quality PA-LO-A1500 restoration air mover to help people get rid of extra water and accelerate air circulation after a water damage or fire damage. The versatility and effectiveness of these fans make them valuable tools across a wide range of industries and settings.

    Preair PA LO A1500 Commercial Floor Drying Fan
    Preair PA LO A1500 Confined Space Air Mover
    Preair PA LO A1500 Restoration Air Mover

    Data of Preair PA-LO-A1500 Commercial Floor Drying Fan

    No: PA-LO-A1500
    Power Input: 220-240V/50HZ
    Power: 112/156W
    Current Draw: 0.5/0.7amp
    RPM: 1500rpm
    Air Volume: 1500m³/h
    Max Air Speed: 16m/s
    Distance: 6.5m/20’
    Unit Size: 550*420*215mm
    Box Size: 575*450*245mm
    N.W.: 10kg / 8.6lbs
    Loading QTY: 20gp 480pcs
    40gp 900pcs
    40hq 1100pcs

    Application of Preair PA-LO-A1500 Portable Air Mover Fan

    Here are some common applications of Preair PA-LO-A1500 commercial air movers:

    1. Drying and Ventilation:

    The PA-LO-A1500 portable air mover fan is widely used for drying wet surfaces, such as carpets, floors, and walls. It provides high-velocity airflow, which accelerates evaporation and helps to reduce drying time. These fans are also useful for ventilating confined spaces or areas with poor air circulation.

    2. Water Damage Restoration:

    In the event of water damage caused by flooding or leaks, the PA-LO-A1500 restoration air mover plays a crucial role in preventing mold growth and further damage. By creating airflow over damp surfaces, it helps to evaporate moisture and reduces humidity levels, aiding in the drying process.

    3. Construction and Renovation:

    The PA-LO-A1500 stackable air mover is commonly employed in construction sites and renovation projects. It facilitates the drying of freshly applied paint, varnish, or coatings, expediting the curing process. Additionally, it helps to improve air circulation in work areas, reducing odors and ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment for workers.

    4. HVAC System Maintenance:

    The PA-LO-A1500 confined space air mover assists in maintaining and servicing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. It can be used to increase airflow through ducts, test system performance, and aid in the cleaning and drying of air ducts, coils, and filters.

    5. Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration:

    After a fire incident, the PA-LO-A1500 restoration air mover is utilized to remove smoke, fumes, and odors from affected areas. It helps to circulate fresh air and facilitate the removal of airborne contaminants, assisting in the restoration process.

    Video of Preair PA-LO-A1500 Commercial Outdoor Air Mover Fan

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