Role Of Dehumidifiers In Construction

Importance of using dehumidifiers

As the final project of the pre-delivery of construction services, the floor construction project usually has problems such as complex site conditions, tight schedule reservation time, and less possibility of variables. So, what can dehumidifiers do for us?


Floor construction specifications

Each country should have requirements for the relative humidity of the construction and the moisture content of the base in the construction specifications of the floor. For professional control of humidity, special dehumidification equipment is required.

Underground Garage Dehumidification

The Harm of substandard humidity on Construction

1. The wet surface will make it impossible to polish the ground well; the primer cannot effectively penetrate the base layer, which will reduce the adhesion and cause the floor paint to fall off; form water vapor to lift the floor coating, causing problems such as blistering and shelling.

2. The danger of high air humidity. When scraping the middle layer, if the air humidity is too high, it is difficult to achieve the mirror effect. Moreover, the high air humidity can easily cause the ground to return to moisture, resulting in one dark and one bright finish, and even whitening of the ground. The effective curing of epoxy materials requires the moisture contained in it to volatilize quickly. If the air humidity is too high during curing, the moisture will not be effectively volatilized, which will eventually lead to a decrease in strength.

Importance of dehumidification equipment

1. Before floor construction: the LGR dehumidifier can shorten the drying time of the base layer
2. During floor construction: the industrial dehumidifier can shorten the interval between painting and drying
3. After the floor is delivered: improve the delivery quality, and keep the on-site drying longer


Preair case

The use of Preair industrial dehumidifiers at the project site effectively controlled the humidity of the floor during the construction phase. At the same time, after the project is delivered, the dehumidifier can continue to be used in the underground garage. In the rainy season, the dehumidifier can eliminate condensation on the ground, walls, and air ducts, so as to improve the overall standard of the basement and provide owners with a Comfortable and dry underground garage environment.


Post time: Oct-18-2022
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