Difference Between Household Dehumidifiers and Industrial Dehumidifiers

1. Different purposes of household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers

Industrial dehumidifiers control temperature and humidity to create an environment that meets production standards for the production environment. The purpose is to produce higher quality products, so its main function is to control temperature and dehumidify.
In order to create a more comfortable home environment, the purpose of household dehumidifiers is for people's health. Therefore, in the basic functions of dehumidification, clothes drying, and air purification are generally added.


2. Different power of household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers

The power of industrial dehumidifiers is large, and there are different dehumidification amounts for different scene sizes. greater power consumption;
Household dehumidifiers have low power and are only used in homes. They have sufficient dehumidification capacity for small-area dehumidification, and consume less power, so they are very practical.

3. Different air volumes of household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers

The dehumidification of the industrial dehumidifier is that the fan sucks the humid air into the machine, the moisture in the air condenses and is discharged through the drain pipe, and the relatively dry air that has been dehumidified is heated and discharged outside the machine. This cycle reduces indoor humidity.
It can be seen that the larger the air volume, the more humid air can be sucked into the machine, and the dehumidification effect can be better achieved. Industrial dehumidifiers are generally used in workshops or warehouses. They have a large area of ​​use and require the dehumidifier itself to have stronger dehumidification power, so it also requires higher power.
Due to the limitation of space area, the air volume of household dehumidifiers is much smaller than that of industrial dehumidifiers.

Post time: Oct-14-2022
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