Stackable LGR Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration

Dehumidifier For Industrial Use

What are industrial dehumidifiers used for?

Industrial dehumidifiers used for building drainage

Whether it is a newly built building or a building that has undergone water damage, the most effective method is to use industrial dehumidifiers for dehumidification. Heating simply transfers steam to other parts of the building, and heating and ventilation also generate a large amount of energy.

Industrial dehumidifiers dry and cool the product

Relatively low humidity will accelerate the drying or cooling process of the product. If the product is sensitive to high temperatures, it can only be dried by reducing air humidity. During the cooling process, the industrial dehumidification function can prevent condensation on the surface of low-temperature objects, accelerate cooling, and also save costs.

Industrial dehumidifiers preservation of items

When the relative humidity is below 50%, steel is less prone to rusting. Industrial dehumidifiers are a more effective and economical choice for protecting your assets than applying waterproof paint. For example, construction sites, workshops, warehouses, etc. are typical examples of dehumidification applications. If you want to find quality dehumidifiers for sale, please contact Preair first.

Industrial dehumidifiers prevent product condensation and warehouse frost

If the temperature of the dew point in the air is lower than the surface temperature of the object. There will be no dew point on the surface of the object. Dewing may cause a series of problems such as corrosion or circuit system short circuits. If the dew point temperature of the air is lower than the surface temperature of the coil, frost will not occur. Frost can deteriorate the performance of refrigerated warehouses. Industrial dehumidification function keeps you away from the troubles of ice and frost.

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