When to Use a Warehouse Dehumidifier?

You need a dehumidifier warehouse, and an industrial-grade dehumidifier to meet the needs of large warehouses.

Warehouses are important places to store items, and a high-humidity environment is very unfavorable for industrial production and storage. Suppose the air in its workshop and warehouse is seriously humid. In that case, it will not only cause many raw materials to be damp, moldy, or oxidized and rusted, affecting their regular use and processing but also affect the quality of semi-finished products and finished products. Products become inferior or defective products, or even scrapped products, which will undoubtedly cause considerable economic losses to factories or enterprises.

Therefore, enterprises need to control the air humidity in the production environment to ensure that production will not be affected by moisture.

When the humidity of the external environment is too high, such as in the seasonal climate such as returning to the south or the rainy season, if the ventilation is simply used to dehumidify, it will lead to a large influx of moisture from the outside world into the warehouse, which will cause the products in the warehouse to become damper. In severe cases, it will not only damage the outer packaging of the product but even cause damage to the internal products, resulting in greater economic losses.

Use a warehouse-specific dehumidifier for better preservation

Different from household dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers need to run continuously for a long time to avoid economic losses caused by moisture in the warehouse. Therefore, stable performance is a factor that everyone needs to consider when purchasing a warehouse dehumidifier.

Although a warehouse dehumidifier needs to run every day, in order to prolong its life, it is best to stop working at the right time. It is generally recommended to buy a dehumidifier with an intelligent humidity control function and set the humidity value you need when using it. After the dehumidifier reaches the set humidity value, it will default to standby, and resume work when the humidity rises.


Will long-term use of dehumidifiers consume a lot of electricity?

Don't worry about this, Preair dehumidifiers adopt appearance design and utility model patent technology, select high-performance core components, plus exquisite production technology and strict performance testing, to ensure stable, reliable, long-life operation of the equipment in harsh environments longer. Under the same amount of dehumidification, the energy consumption is about 20% lower. Large spaces use Preair ultra-efficient scroll chiller energy-saving units, which can save up to 40% of energy consumption.

Post time: Oct-13-2022
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