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Preair is a famous home dehumidifier manufacturer that specializes in removing mold and mildew. Damp and musty buildings make people prone to fall ill. The reason always lies in mold. Portable dehumidifiers for the whole house, often used for home dehumidification work. Preair portable home dehumidifiers with different dehumidifying capacities can help you get rid of mould hurting and live in a dry and safe environment. For people who live in low latitudes, the monsoon climate zone, the riverside or the seaside, a professional household dehumidifier is indispensable to control humidity. The higher the temperature, the more water molecules can be contained in the air, which is called wet heat. Order to deal with this situation, it needs to take many ways to control the humidity in the air, among which installing a dehumidifier for home use is the most effective way. Our 10L energy-efficient dehumidifier for home help the human body to stay in a comfortable state to better work, study and rest.

  • Dehumidify Capacity: 10L/Day (30℃/RH80%)
  • Humidity Setting Range: 30%-80%
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2.0L
  • Noise: ≤38dB(A)
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    Brief Introduction of Preair Home Dehumidifier 10L/Day


    Preair 10L/Day home dehumidifier is suitable for ordinary houses troubled by mold. Some research confirms that most houses, especially their carpets, are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and yeast. In the face of the living problem, dehumidification awareness is increasingly improving. Preair can provide you with professional home dehumidification solutions.

    1. This kind of whole house dehumidifier has clean and simple looking, lightweight, and low noise. It can be made in white color and customized according to your need.
    2. The dehumidifying capacity of the home dehumidifier 10L/Day is a little low for a big house. If you need a larger capacity or have other requirements for the home dehumidifier, please get in touch with us at any time.
    3. This 10 liter/day dehumidifier for houses is mainly aimed at ordinary-sized houses and small-area indoor regions, such as hotels or homes.

    Preair 10L Small Home Dehumidifier
    Preair 10L Small Quiet Dehumidifier
    Preair 10L Portable Small Size Dehumidifier

    Data of Preair 10L Whole House Dehumidifier

    After-sales Service Provided
    Free spare parts
    Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household
    Power Source
    Refrigerative Dehumidifier / COMPRESSOR
    Adjustable Humidistat, Auto Restart, Automatic Defrost, Automatic Humidistat Control, External Drain Connect, LED Display, Washable Air Filter, Pump Integrated
    Dehumidifying capacity
    Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
    Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches)
    Fan Speed
    Power (W)
    Voltage (V)
    Working Temperature Range
    Fan speed
    Product size
    Packaging size
    Loading quantity 20'/40/40'HQ

    Features of Preair 10L/Day Dehumidifier for House 

    1. ECO-friendly: The portable whole house dehumidifier is environmentally friendly.

    2. Better dehumidification: Refrigeration-type home dehumidifier has a better dehumidification effect.

    3. Low consumption: 200W (at the condition of 30℃, RH80%) power consumption is more energy-saving than air conditioner dehumidification.

    4. Use safety: The main original parts are safe, especially the compressors are from quality brands.

    5. Problem-solving: Small area dehumidifiers are suitable for indoor areas of about 110 square feet in homes, hotels, etc.

    Preair Best Quiet Dehumidifier For Home
    Preair Most Efficient Whole House Dehumidifier
    Preair Small Quiet Dehumidifiers

    Functions of Preair 10L/Day Smart Quiet Home Dehumidifier 

    1. Adjustable Humidistat
    2. Auto Restart
    3. Automatic Defrost
    4. Automatic Humidistat Control
    5. External Drain Connect
    6. LED Display
    7. Washable Air Filter

    The dehumidifier for whole house provided by Preair is of many good qualities and gets endless good comments from our customers. Through quality certifications from many countries and regions, you can be assured that our product is safe and easy to use. As a professional home dehumidifier manufacturer, Preair always takes the solving of mold problems as our mission. If you want to bulk buy home dehumidifiers, please contact us at any time any place. Preair has two types of dehumidifiers for home use, 10L/D, and 20L/D. With ready-made home dehumidifiers for sale, we also take customized orders, please tell us your specific requirements about the capacity, working temperature, power cord, size, weight, appearance, etc.

    Video of Preair: A Professional Dehumidifier Manufacturer

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