Stackable LGR Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration

Basement Water Remediation

Advantages of basement dehumidifier: 1. Large dehumidification area and unlimited floor height. The effective dehumidification area is within 20 meters (314 ㎡) in diameter, and the whole building can be dried only by using the ground floor. 2. Low energy consumption, beautiful and lightweight. Taking the ALGR65 for example, the power of the machine is 220V/50Hz and the dehumidification capacity of the machine is 85 PPD/day (26.7℃, 60%RH). Another example is ZETA240, the dehumidifier with hose for basement can be hung on the basement wall and hardly occupies any indoor space. 3. High efficiency and quiet, without affecting indoor comfort. The basement dehumidifier can effectively keep the indoor natural dry state all year round, without any discomfort to the human body. Keeping the wall dry in winter can effectively save heating costs. 4. Continuous dehumidification for 24 hours can not only fundamentally solve the problem of basement humidity, but also effectively prevent mold. The basement dehumidifier does not need any water storage container, and water molecules directly flow into the soil from the inside of the wall.

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