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The AM20 snail air mover fan offered by Preair is aptly named after its unique snail shell-shaped design, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also maximizes its efficiency. With its compact yet robust construction, this fan offers incredible portability, allowing you to breathe fresh air. Equipped with advanced air-moving technology, the AM20 snail air mover fan can deliver a powerful blast of air in multiple directions. Say goodbye to stagnant air pockets and hello to a refreshing breeze that reaches every corner of your room. Whether you’re looking to cool down a stuffy office, dry out a damp area, or improve air circulation in a large area, this fan is up to the task.

  • No:: AM20
  • Power Input:: 110V/60HZ
  • Power:: 1/5 hp
  • Air Volume:: 650 CFM
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    Applications of Preair AM20 Mini Snail Air Mover Fan

    One of the standout features of the AM20 Snail Air Mover Fan is its adjustable airflow settings. With the ability to choose between multiple speed options, you have complete control over the intensity of the air movement. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a more powerful gust, this fan can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

    Furthermore, the AM20 small air mover fan boasts whisper-quiet operation, ensuring that it won't disturb your activities or conversations. Whether you're using it in a residential or commercial setting, you can enjoy the benefits of improved air circulation without any unwanted noise.

    Safety is always a priority, and the AM20 mini air mover fan is designed with that in mind. It features a sturdy construction with a durable outer shell that protects the internal components from damage. Additionally, it incorporates advanced safety features such as automatic shut-off and overheats protection, giving you peace of mind while enjoying its exceptional performance.

    Am20 Snail Air Mover for Water Damage Restoration
    Am20 Snail Air Mover for Wet Basement
    Am20 Snail Air Mover for Construction Site

    Data of Preair AM20 Small Snail Air Mover Fan

    No: AM20
    Power Input: 110V/60HZ
    Power: 1/5hp
    Current Draw: 2.5 Amps
    RPM: 1550 rpm
    Air Volume: 650 CFM
    Max Air Speed: 18m/s
    Distance: 8m
    Unit Size: 35*27*32cm
    Box Size: 36*28*34cm
    N.W.: 5.2kg
    G.W.: 6.2kg
    Loading QTY: 20gp 1000pcs
    40gp 2000pcs
    40hq 2350pcs

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