Stackable LGR Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration

High Capacity Dehumidifier

There are many types of high-capacity commercial and industrial dehumidifiers provided by Preair. Customers from all over the world especially Americans, Europeans, and Southeast Asians, are trading with Preair.

We can provide thousands of high quality dehumidifiers for customers in the required time. Pre and after-sales services provided by Preair are thoughtful and caring for customers. Discounts for bulk Buyers are provided for the sake of long-term cooperation.

Preair LGR dehumidifiers, for example, the LGR85, LGR125, LGR155, and LGR165L, are ideal for water damage restoration and fire damage restoration.

Features of Preair LGR dehumidifiers:

Compact, erosion proof, continuous drainage, efficient, still on work even in a low-RH environment (thoroughly remove moisture from items)


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