Best Industrial Dehumidifier for Grow Room 230 PPD

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PREAIR PRO230 dehumidifier offers commercial cannabis growers a powerful and efficient solution to combat excessive moisture in their grow rooms. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the PRO230 dehumidifier is a reliable choice for growers seeking a cost-effective and dependable dehumidifier solution.

  • Power Supply: 230V/60Hz
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5℃-35℃
  • Operating Humidity Range: 20%-85%RH
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    Good Features of 230 PPD Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

    Compared to machines with a similar dehumidification capacity, the PREAIR PRO230, with the size of 32*20*20 inches, has a smaller size and saves space. Designed for both ducted and non-ducted installations, this unit is a pinnacle of energy efficiency and operational excellence.

    The technology adopted by the dehumidifier not only ensures exceptional dehumidification but also recycles excess heat, minimizing the heat output into your space. This feature leads to reduced A/C runtime, thereby significantly cutting down on operational costs. The PREAIR PRO230’s high efficiency surpasses California Title 24 requirements, making it a reliable choice for different settings.

    The digital controls accompanied by a terminal block for optional external controls make operating this unit a breeze. The integrated lift and hang points, signature to Quest designs, further enhance the ease of installation and handling.

    One of the standout features of this model is the MERV-11 air filtration system, keeping your air clean and healthy. This superior filtration helps prevent product loss from mold, mildew, viruses, and other airborne particulates without compromising the machine’s performance.

    Pro230 Dehumidifier for Grow Room
    Pro230 Dehumidifier for Cannabis Grow Tent
    Pro230 Flower Tent Dehumidifier

    Why Choose PREAIR PRO230 Industrial Grow Room Dehumidifier?

    The PREAIR PRO230 Grow Room Dehumidifier 230V is engineered to meet the demanding needs of commercial cannabis growers who face the challenges of cultivations filled with moisture-producing crops. This powerful dehumidifier is designed with features such as filter compensation, precise humidity control, and digital controls, providing growers with an efficient and versatile solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in their grow rooms.

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