Stackable LGR Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration

High Powered Dehumidifier

In agricultural settings, high-capacity dehumidifiers play a crucial role in maintaining optimal humidity levels to promote plant health, prevent mold growth, and protect stored crops. Here are some high-capacity dehumidifiers suitable for agriculture:

  1. Preair ZETA480 480 Pint Dehumidifier:

    • Designed specifically for large agricultural spaces, this agricultural dehumidifier has an impressive moisture removal capacity.
    • Features include dual refrigeration circuits, digital controls, and a high airflow rate.
    • Suitable for greenhouses, storage facilities, and large indoor agricultural spaces.
  2. Preair ZETA240 Commercial Dehumidifier:

    • This ceiling dehumidifier is designed for high-capacity moisture removal in demanding environments.
    • Features include a digital display, automatic pump-out, and durable construction.
    • Suitable for agricultural settings with substantial moisture challenges.
  3. Preair LGR165L Commercial Dehumidifier:

    • It is an LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifier with high efficiency in moisture removal.
    • Designed for large-scale applications, it includes features like digital controls, automatic humidistat control, and an energy-efficient design.
    • Suitable for use in agricultural facilities, warehouses, and large storage areas.
  4. Preair PRO500 Industrial Dehumidifier:

    • The PRO500 greenhouse dehumidifier is a high-capacity, energy-efficient dehumidifier suitable for agricultural applications.
    • It has a robust design, digital controls, and is capable of removing large volumes of moisture from the air.
    • Suitable for large indoor agricultural spaces and storage facilities.
  5. Preair PRO330 Refrigerant Dehumidifier:

    • This cultivation dehumidifier is designed for large-scale drying applications.
    • It features electronic controls, a high-capacity condensate pump, and is suitable for agriculture-related moisture control.
    • Ideal for drying large quantities of produce or controlling humidity in storage areas.
  6. Preair PRO300 Commercial Dehumidifier:

    • The grow room dehumidifier is a high-capacity dehumidifier designed for commercial and agricultural use.
    • It features an efficient refrigeration system, digital controls, and a MERV-11 air filter for improved air quality.
    • Suitable for use in greenhouses, nurseries, and large agricultural storage facilities.

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