AM30LO Low Profile Industrial Floor Drying Fan

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The AM30LO Low Profile Floor Drying Fan is a specialized equipment designed to facilitate the drying process in industrial and commercial settings. It is commonly used in applications such as water damage restoration, drying concrete floors, or improving ventilation in large spaces.

This type of fan is specifically engineered to have a low profile, meaning it has a compact design that allows it to be placed close to the ground or in tight spaces. Its low height ensures efficient airflow near the surface, maximizing the drying effect.

  • No.: AM30LO
  • Power Input: 115V/60HZ
  • Power: 1/4 hp
  • Air Volume: 1100 CFM
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    Short Description of Preair AM30LO Floor Drying Fan

    The AM30LO floor drying fan typically features a high-powered motor and sturdy construction to withstand industrial environments. It generates a high volume of airflow at a high velocity, which helps to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from surfaces. Overall, the AM30LO Low Profile Floor Drying Fan is a valuable tool for professionals in industries such as construction, water damage restoration, or facility management. Its compact size, high-performance airflow, and durability make it an essential asset for quick and efficient drying processes.

    Preair Am30lo Floor Fan Air Mover and Lgr165l Dehumidifier
    Preair Am30lo Floor Drying Fan for Water Damage Restoration
    Preair Am30lo Floor Fan in Basement

    Data of Preair AM30LO Industrial Floor Drying Fan

    No: AM30LO
    Power Input: 115V/60HZ
    Power: 1/4hp
    Current Draw: 1.9 Amps
    RPM: 1550 rpm
    Air Volume: 1100 CFM
    Max Air Speed: 14m/s
    Distance: 6.5m
    Unit Size: 56.5*42.5*22cm
    Box Size: 58*43*23.5cm
    N.W.: 10kg
    G.W.: 11.5kg
    Loading QTY: 20gp 500pcs
    40gp 1000pcs
    40hq 1200pcs

    Key Features of Preair AM30LO Floor Fan Air Mover

    Compact Design:

    The fan is built with a low height and a relatively small footprint, making it easy to position in confined areas or under furniture.

    Multiple Speed Settings:

    It often comes with variable speed settings to adjust the airflow according to specific drying requirements or to achieve optimal results in different situations.

    Durable Construction:

    These fans are typically made from robust materials like heavy-duty plastics or metal, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding industrial environments.

    Portable and Lightweight:

    Many low profile industrial drying fans are designed to be easily portable, equipped with built-in handles or wheels for convenient transportation between job sites.

    Safety Features:

    Depending on the model, the fan may include features such as grills or protective screens to prevent objects from entering the fan blades, ensuring safe operation.

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