Most Reliable Basement Dehumidifier with Pump 135 Pint Per Day

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The industrial-grade commercial dehumidifier has ultra-stable and durable dehumidification performance and can work in low-temperature environments. The unit is rugged and equipped with wheels and metal handles, making it the preferred choice of many professional dehumidification and water damage restoration specialists.

  • NO.: LGR135L
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 210PPD (86℉, 80%RH)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 41℉-104℉
  • Operating Humidity Range: 20%RH-90%RH
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    Wholesale 135 Pint LGR Dehumidifier for Cold Basement

    The PREAIR 135 PPD dehumidifier is designed to provide you with solutions to all kinds of dehumidification troubles in your life. Whether it's a new home renovation, reducing the threat of mold to clothing or human health, or moisture causing metal to rust and wood to rot, you need a dehumidifier to help you keep your environment dry to protect your household equipment from water and moisture damage.

    Lgr135l Dehumidifier for Office Building
    Lgr135l Dehumidifier for Construction Site
    Lgr135l Dehumidifier for Underground Garage

    Why Choose the PREAIR LGR Dehumidifier for Moldy Basement?

    Applied in Large Rooms or Basements:

    This powerful commercial dehumidifier removes up to 135 pints (under 80℉, 60%RH condition) of moisture per day for medium to large rooms up to 5,000 Sq. Ft. It is perfect for basements, laundry rooms, cellars, warehouses, garages, workshops, and other commercial and industrial areas.

    Intelligent Control:

    The Dehumidifier for basement is equipped with a built-in humidity sensor, which will smartly sense and maintain room humidity at your preset level. This dehumidifier can adjust humidity from 20%RH-90%RH. Other functions include a 24-hour timer, automatic defrosting, and continuous drainage.

    Continuous Drainage:

    Our industrial dehumidifiers have an inbuilt pump and a 20ft drainage hose, allowing you to continuously drain the collected water at a height of up to 15ft. This basement dehumidifier with drain hose is unanimously praised for humidity control in large rooms.

    Portable Design for Large Space:

    With a comfortable, ergonomic handlebar and two large wheels, this commercial dehumidifier is easy to move and transport. For easy maintenance, the air filter of this large dehumidifier can be washed for recycling use.

    Service & Warranty:

    The PREAIR 135 pints commercial LGR dehumidifiers with pump are covered with a 15-month full warranty, a 36-month warranty on the compressor, and lifetime expert support. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

    Video of 135 Pint LGR Dehumidifier for Musty Basement

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