480 Liters Industrial Commercial Grow Tent Dehumidifier for Thailand

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PREAIR ZETA series of dehumidifiers are designed to dehumidify the air coming into the unit by passing the incoming air over an evaporator coil to drop the air temperature below the dew point of the air. Moisture is removed from the air and drained from the unit to a common floor or waste drain. The air is then reheated in the condenser coil and exits the unit. These ZETA480 industrial grow room dehumidifier unit remove up to 480 liters of moisture each daily and powerfully circulate air within your cultivation space to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment. And it moves some air for maximum moisture removal. 

  • NO.: ZETA480
  • Power Supply: 380V/50Hz
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 480L/Day (30℃/80%RH)
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    Precise Humidity Control of ZETA480 Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

    The refrigerant system modulates the speed of dehumidification based on the precise load conditions of your grow environment, allowing for robust VPD performance across all grow conditions. The compact design keeps your dehumidifiers running during the challenging late flower stage where single-speed dehumidifiers require frequent defrost cycles. This increases capacity, efficiency, and most importantly, the stability of your grow environment.

    The PREAIR ZETA series is the best investment across all grow conditions compared to any dehumidifier available, removing 480 liters of moisture per day at 30℃/80%RH.

    6 Bit Connector Zeta480 Dehumidifier in Ceiling
    Air Outlet of Zeta480 Dehumidifier for Crawl Space
    Control Panel of Zeta480 Dehumidifier for Ceiling

    Why Use a PREAIR Grow Room Dehumidifier?


    Energy Efficient

    Removes up to 4 liters per kilowatt hour, helping minimize operational costs.

    Yield Enhancement

    Setup is simple, and humidity is constantly controlled to help prevent crop disease and pests.

    Flexible Installation

    The pre-installed electrical plug is simple to remove for hard-wired applications. Plus, options for suspended, freestanding, or ducted installation.

    Safety Checks

    Terminals on the dehumidifier make it easy to install a float switch to protect against overflows.

    Digital Interface

    On-board monitoring enables precise settings and simple diagnostics.

    Remote Control

    The temperature and humidity sensor is available to measure relative humidity at canopy height for optimum control of your grow environment, and relays diagnostics from the dehumidifier.

    Built to Last

    Dependability is at the heart of what we do. 

    Video of PREAIR ZETA480 Dehumidifier for Grow Room

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