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Heavy Duty Basement Dehumidifier - Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory from China

Here are some features and considerations to look for in a heavy-duty basement dehumidifier:

  1. Capacity: Choose a dehumidifier with a high capacity, typically measured in pints of moisture removed per day. For larger basements, you might need a unit with a capacity of 70 pints or more.

  2. Coverage Area: Ensure that the dehumidifier is suitable for the size of your basement. Manufacturers often specify the maximum square footage that a particular model can effectively dehumidify.

  3. Built-In Pump: Some heavy duty commercial dehumidifiers come with a built-in pump that can automatically remove collected water from the unit. This feature is useful if you need to drain the water to a sink or another location.

  4. Continuous Drainage Option: Look for a high quality basement dehumidifier that allows for continuous drainage. This feature enables you to connect a hose to the unit for automatic water removal, eliminating the need to empty a water reservoir manually.

  5. Humidity Control Settings: Choose a dehumidifier with adjustable humidity control settings. This allows you to set a specific humidity level, and the unit will operate until that level is reached.

  6. Defrost Function: In colder climates, a defrost function helps prevent the coils from freezing when the heavy duty dehumidifier for basement is operating in lower temperatures.

  7. Air Filtration: Some models come with air filtration features, including washable filters or the ability to use additional air purifier filters. This can help improve air quality in the basement.

  8. Portability and Wheels: Consider the portability of the unit, especially if you may need to move it around the basement. Wheels make it easier to reposition the dehumidifier as needed.

  9. Auto-Restart Feature: In case of a power outage, an auto-restart feature ensures that the dehumidifier resumes operation with the previous settings once power is restored.

  10. Energy Efficiency: Look for an Energy Star-rated dehumidifier to ensure energy-efficient operation and lower utility costs.


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