Stackable LGR Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration

Heavy Job Dehumidifier

Compared to household dehumidifiers, heavy-duty dehumidifiers are machines designed specifically for use in commercial or industrial scenarios. Generally, heavy-duty dehumidifiers need to be used in the following situations: Large spaces require high humidity control to protect products (items and crops) and machines from water erosion and ensure work efficiency.
The heavy job dehumidifier has high working efficiency, large dehumidification capacity, can achieve continuous drainage, and supports remote control and mobile phone operation.
Preair sells ZETA480, PRO330, PRO500, PRO500N and other large industrial dehumidifiers. These machines can be installed on the ceiling or wall, which saves space and allows the machines to be closer to areas with high humidity. If your factory, warehouse, or office area is affected by moisture, contact us to get a free dehumidification solution.

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