80L Mobile Eco-friendly Dehumidifier

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Preair 80L eco friendly dehumidifier is a well-designed equipment. The machine has a relative small size and ligh weight. The machine has one handrail and two wheels, which are easy to move and suitable for multiple scenes. Preair is a famous dehumidifier OEM/ODM  that has many customers from the world.

  • NO.: PR80
  • Supply Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Capacity: 80L/D (30°C/80%RH)
  • Efficiency: 2.3
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    Introduction of Preair 80L Mobile Dehumidifier

    In fact, dehumidifiers were first used in industry to regulate the temperature and humidity of the production environment or warehouse to avoid damage during production and storage.

    Compared with household dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers have wider application scope and stronger effects. They can dry large areas of air and prevent items from getting damp and mildew.

    How to choose a dehumidifier? In addition to the reference product brand, the most important thing is to consider your actual needs. According to the required dehumidification area and the amount of dehumidification required, the dehumidification amount is usually proportional to the dehumidification area. The larger the area used, the greater the required dehumidification amount. In terms of functions, you can also consider them according to your actual needs.

    Features of Preair 80L ECO Friendly Dehumidifier

    1. Strong dehumidification capacity

    The daily dehumidification capacity of the 80L commercial dehumidifier is 80L, approximately equal to 140 pints. The appearance and dehumidification capacity of this dehumidifier can be customized.

    2. Simple placement

    80L commercial dehumidifier has a considerate design. It has two large rubber wheels, a support rod, and a handle, which is convenient for moving and transportation.

    3. High-standard manufacturing and service

    Our dehumidifier is made of components that meet international standards, with a one-year warranty for the whole machine and a three-year warranty for the compressor of the dehumidifier. A 24-hour professional after-sales hotline is available for you to receive customer inquiries, complaints, and warranties at any time.


    Data of Preair 80L Best Eco Friendly Dehumidifier

    No. PR-80
    Capacity 80L/D (30°C/80%RH)45L/D (26.7°C/60%RH)
    Refrigerant R290
    GWP 3.3
    Size 635*546*970mm
    Drainage Water-tank (8L)
    Filter Nylon
    Net Weight 48.5kg
    Application Commercial area(basement, warehouse, shop)
    Loading Port Shanghai
    Loading Qty20' 40' 40HQ 88 / 176 / 176 pcs
    Electric 220-240V/50Hz3.6A
    Volume 0.29kg
    CO2 Equivalent 0.00087t
    Packaging Size 668*592*908mm
    Control LCD
    Wheel 10-inch PU / Rubber
    Gross Weight 54kg
    OEM or ODM Both OK
    Packaging Carton

    Applications of Preair 80L Environmentally Friendly Dehumidifier

    In recent years, the application range of commercial dehumidifiers has become wider and wider, and the demand for dehumidifiers in many enterprises has increased year by year, such as the storage industry, pharmaceutical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, real estate industry, food industry, etc.

    1. Dehumidifiers in the food industry
    If food with excessive temperature and humidity is easy to breed mold, it will cause improper storage of food, produce toxic substances, and cause food poisoning, disease, cancer, etc. Therefore, food poisoning should be kept at a low temperature, dry, and ventilated.

    Therefore, the warehouses of general food production and sales enterprises should be equipped with commercial dehumidifiers. In addition, grain and oil, tea, dairy, beverage, and other food companies need commercial dehumidifiers to control temperature and humidity, destroy bacterial reproduction and living environment, ensure food quality, and improve storage time. The dehumidification function in the industry can automatically control the humidity of indoor air to prevent over-humidity or over-moisture.

    2. Dehumidifiers in the machinery industry
    Equipment in a high-humidity environment will cause premature failure of its components, oxidation and corrosion of metal materials, and reduction of insulation strength of insulating materials, which will lead to equipment damage and economic losses. Moreover, the high humidity will deteriorate the circuit performance, resulting in unstable equipment operation, thus affecting the production of the enterprise. Industrial dehumidifiers can avoid this problem very well, reduce the oxidation of equipment, and at the same time eliminate the breeding ground for bacterial growth and prevent the growth of mold. In the past, enterprises regarded the rust and corrosion of equipment as normal equipment aging, which brought unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Solving the high-humidity environment can alleviate the degree of aging of the equipment.

    3. Dehumidifiers in the real estate industry
    Nowadays, underground parking lots, underground shopping malls, basements, and other underground buildings have become normal products to expand living space. Many problems such as closed spaces, poor ventilation, unclear air, and insufficient light are the defects of underground engineering. Commercial dehumidifiers can help reduce the humidity in underground projects and ensure that the underground space environment is dry and comfortable, thus meeting people's high requirements for the underground environment.


    Video of Preair 80L Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump


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