HD103 Household Dehumidifier For Crawl Spaces

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Preair HD103 household dehumidifier belongs to the HD series of dehumidifiers, which has a larger dehumidification capacity than HD70 dehumidifier. To a certain extent, maintaining humidity balance can reduce the cost of cleaning and sterilization, the cost of maintaining damped electrical appliances, and avoid mold damage to the human body. Preair is committed to solving humidity problems and aims to become a world-famous dehumidifier expert. The HD household dehumidifier provided by Preair is specially manufactured to deal with the problem of humidity at home. If you want to bulk-buy home dehumidifiers, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • NO.: HD103
  • Power Supply: 115V/60Hz
  • Dehumidification capacity: 103PT/Day (26.7 ℃/ 60% RH)
  • Refrigerant/ Refrigerant Charge: R32/310g (11Oz)
  • Filter screen: SUS304
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    Introduction of Preair HD103 Quiet Home Dehumidifier


    Preair HD103 residential dehumidifier has a good performance in dehumidification. The dehumidification capacity of the HD103 dehumidifier is 90 Pt/Day when the temperature is 26.7℃ and the RH is 60%. The HD103 dehumidifier can be applied in spaces with an area of 45-65㎡. There is an LCD panel on the machine body that is convenient for people to control. The filter screen of the dehumidifier is made of SUS304, which is durable and cleanable. The color of the machine can be customized. Preair is a reliable ODM/OEM that has more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of dehumidifiers. If you are in need of a large amount of HD103 dehumidifiers for mobile homes, please get in touch with us at any time. Preair will provide you with considerate service and professional advice.

    Panel of Preair Hd103 Commercial Dehumidifier for Bathroom
    Filter of Preair Hd103 Crawl Space Dehumidifier
    6-bit Connector of Preair Hd103 Regular Dehumidifier in Crawl Space

    Data of Preair HD103 Bathroom Ceiling Dehumidifier

    NO. HD103
    Power Supply 115V/60Hz
    Rated Current (A) 7.1A
    Rated Power (W) 780W
    Dehumidification Capacity (30℃/80%RH) 165PT/Day
    Dehumidification Capacity (26.7℃/60%RH) 103PT/Day
    Dehumidification Capacity (32℃/90%RH) 208PT/Day
    Working Temperature Range 41℉-104℉
    Working Humidity Range 20%RH-90%RH
    Product Dimensions 691*374*382 mm
    27.2*14.7*15 inch
    Packaging Dimensions 761*480*495 mm
    30*18.9*19.5 inch
    Net Weight 31.5kg
    Refrigerant/ Refrigerant Charge R32/310g (11Oz)
    Filter Material SUS304
    Drainage Way 3/4NPT direct drainage
    Drain Pipe Length 2M
    Machine Casing Material Metal plate
    Loading Quantity (20'/40'/40'HQ) 144/292/365

    Features of Preair HD103 Crawl Space Dehumidifier


    There are many good features shared by the HD series of dehumidifiers. The HD103 home dehumidifier has a larger dehumidification capacity than the HD70 dehumidifier.

    1. Small size and low noise

    The HD103 dehumidifier for households is small in size and makes a low noise, which is suitable for home use.

    2. Intimate design

    The HD103 dehumidifier machine is designed carefully and thoughtfully. One side of the fuselage can be opened. The maintenance and repair of the machine can be operated from one side.

    3. Removable filter screen

    The SUS304 filter screen of the HD103 house dehumidifier is removable. If the filter is dirty, you can remove it and clean it. The recyclable filter can help you save money.

    4. Equipped with a drainage outlet & a water pan

    There is a drainage outlet and a water pan for the HD103 dehumidifier. Realize automatic drainage without an additional water tank.


    Applications of Preair HD103 Under House Dehumidifier


    Preair HD103 dehumidifier is designed for home use. People living in houses in wet areas will experience similar pains, that is, troubled by quilts that can wring water, peeling walls, and floors full of water droplets. The damp wall, floor, table corner, bed foot, and so on remind you that you need a dehumidifier. Preair HD103 household dehumidifier can solve the humidity problem effectively.

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    Video of Preair HD103 Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Dehumidifier


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